Cheese Steak Hell…

I am sitting here waiting on a much earned plate of fries and what the waitress claims is their famous cheese steak. Not my usual fair, though not a vegetarian I rarely eat red meat, especially something like this. I am to tired to even peruse the menu, and craving fries and I asked the waitress what she would suggest is the most carb-loaded calorie filled comfort food, the waitress insists that cheese steak is my best bet.

The drive today was a nightmare. I knew being the only driver on this trip was going to be difficult, but driving I-5 is terrifying. I really should have gone to AAA and had them map me out a trip up the coast but gas prices the way they are it would be a waste in money. I could have endured must of it, but just my freaking luck, my iPod adapter crapped out on me so I was forced to listen to the local stations that constantly faded in an out. By the time I finally came to a rest here, somewhere near the border of Oregon, I was being force fed country music from the bowels of hell. I am sure this is going to induce some sort of nightmare later.

After checking into the local Best Western, I called my landlady today letting her know I was on my way. She told me to take it easy on the Alaskan Highway especially in Canada (apparently it is called the ALCAN) because breakup had not fully hit many of the areas. I assured her that I had my Milepost all marked and ready to go with reservations along the way. She just warned me that even with that I need to be fully prepared. I also promised to give her a call each night since I knew no one up there and would be traveling on a deserted highway for much of the time. This is kind of disconcerting, deserted highway? Wonder what is up with that? Oh well food for thought. Speaking of which dinner is here, I hope I survive this mess!

At least I have been lucky with all the free WiFi I have found!

I had to write an update to remind myself to NEVER eat cheese steak again. I think I will be sleeping in tomorrow and not check out at o’dark thirty as planned. I am miserable. Thankfully there was gingerale in the soda machine and crackers in my purse.

I am sitting here in the dark, the only illumination being from my laptop screen and the neon from the parking lot. The other darkness is creeping into my thoughts again. Maybe it is just the after effects of the chemicals released by the invasion of the cheese steak. I need to figure out how to be rid of these memories and all the thoughts they invoke. I hope the despair I am feeling is because I’m so sick right now, and being all alone for this trip. I can hear the ice machine churning out a fresh batch, next door someone is having a coughing fit, the echoes coming up to me are not like in Arizona, they are hollow and depressing. I think I will go to sleep, hopefully I will not dream.

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