Beauty and the Beast – Sarolta Ban – Featured Photographer

“Beauty and the Beast” – Budapest, Hungary – Sarolta Ban

“Beauty and the Beast”

I saw this in my inbox and could not resist! I love my emails! What a wonderful image. We studied this author in one of my photography print classes. Her work is stunning, and her technique is highly taught by our department head. What I love best about this image is the line of site that is interwoven with the message. The bear looks sweet and gentle as captured, but we all know they can be vicious and unpredictably dangerous. The child is a child, of course she is sweet! Well we parents know they can be vicious and unpredictable at times and not that pleasant to be around. I love my kids but man! So these two partners in crime? What beautiful symmetry!


This shot could be straight out of a children’s story book.  Maybe “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? When I was a kid, I always had a strong bond with animals of all species.  However I must say I never had a true “bear hug” fortunately.  Now before you start to call child services, remember Sarlota is a master photographer and photography can be deceiving.  She does have another bear image in her gallery where he is reading a book to a little bird.  If you believe that one then I have a bridge for sale you might be interested in.  Please check out Sarolta’s website at and if you are as big of fan of this image as I am then you should think about stopping by her store (click here) and getting a copy for yourself.

Enter Sarolta:

The image from the bear was taken in a bear farm in Veresegyháza, a small village near from Budapest, the little kid is my niece. When I made the picture I had very strong headache and I felt the bear has the same kind of headache and the little girl’s care eases this headache.”

via Beauty and the Beast – Sarolta Ban – Featured Photographer.

One thought on “Beauty and the Beast – Sarolta Ban – Featured Photographer

  1. I read this on my phone a while back and evidently my phone doesn’t play well with others as far as commenting. Ah well. I’m here now and I’ve got to say that this photo scared the bejesus out of me. I know they know what they’re doing but WOWSERS. What a lovely sentiment expressed though. Beauty and the beast and two conflicting worlds finding that utopian moment. Still! Ack! It gave ME a headache. :)

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