Pre-Review: Sandcastle and Other Stories

Sandcastle and Other Stories Sandcastle and Other Stories by Justin Bog

My rating: (not posted till my offical review goes live on Cabin Goddess July 11th

My review has yet to go live,  nor will I share my rating because I am touring with the book.

I am reading it for the fourth time, 2nd in it’s final version. THIS IS BY FAR some of the most solid group of short stories I have read in a long LONG time. Flannery O’Connor has a challenger to her work, though it is not nice to challenge a dead woman’s art. But yes, if you enjoy her shorts, though Justin has written in his own wonderfully dark and mind blowing style.

My oh so picky fiance was churning at the bit as I read each story out loud over a few days the second read through. Oh dear am I reviewing? We ended up discussing them and bantering back and forth and he hates talking books with me because he is so discerning.

I gave this collection to one of the professors at the University and he recently wrote me saying this book will probably be used as part of his lecture series on the world of self publishing he is doing to help dispel the stigma attached.

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