Patty posted… You Know You’re Hardcore if . . .

You Know You’re Hardcore if . . .

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OMG this sounds like me. Half the time I am sipping cold coffee after making sure I blog a post, do my daily stumbles and Diggs on friends posts, check and update links, make sure my stuff looks pretty, write another blog post, deal with an international conference call about a zombie tv show that I am apparently writing a press release for (scratching head.. apparently I need more coffee .. oh wait I need to make dinner) Oh I dreamnt about a new Meme idea (even though the use of meme in relation of blogging is not the correct use of the word and still drives me nuts..) OH and spending an hour JUST WRITING.. wait.. oh I Think I forgot is this shirt clean???

You know you’re hardcore if . . .

You write a new post for your blog first thing in the morning and you haven’t even had your coffee yet.

You spend your time blogging about something that you no longer have time to do because you’re too busy blogging.

Your blog-writing style starts showing up in say, reports you write at work.

You sit and chuckle over and over again at some funny phrase you wrote in your blog that only you understand to be funny and no one else will probably ever even break a slight grin about . . . and that’s okay with you.

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You can masterfully turn any conversation into an opportunity to tell the other person all about your blog and give them the address, then you marvel at how easy this is to do compared to anything that would actually earn you money.

You’re always dreaming up new posts for your blog–no, really dreaming them in your sleep.

Your best advice to anyone you talk to is, “Start a blog!”


What’s your definition of hardcore?

My four favorite things haha I didn't even rea...

My four favorite things haha I didn't even realize it till I was framing the photo for here. I was just taking a picture of my #kindle & #bacon but look! My laptop and my #coffee and my other #book loll I'm a dork (Photo credit: akmamma)

Who wants to like my beaters? Time to BAKE Cab...

Who wants to lick my beaters? Time to BAKE Cabin Goddess style
(Photo credit: akmamma)


Excerpt: Red Slaves – Dust to Blood

An excerpt of my friends Work in Progress.. looking SO forward to this!

Books are happy now & so am I! (#bookporn #lib...

Books are happy now & so am I! (#bookporn #library #books #cleaning) (Photo credit: akmamma)

This is what irony looks like…

karma koma

Oh all my manly men… go read this lovely post.. Karma may bite you in the ass the next time you call me to girlie.. *EVIL GRIN*

The Observer – A Call for Submissions for the 2nd Issue of The Sirens Call


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Re-Posted from the bizarre kaleidoscope and shared by Kalla, the sassy but quiet publicist at Sirens Call Publications. The Observer – A Call for Submissions for the 2nd Issue of The Sirens Call. Sirens Call Publications is currently taking submissions … Continue reading

Day 3 – the beginning of it all from

The post that started it all. If you do not read Julianne Snow’s webisodic tale you really should, so why not start at the begining and work your way through because coming up here on February 29th her book that contains these days plus more content!

When I open my email and find a post update from her I am so excited! I hope you can enjoy it too!


Water, Water, Everywhere!

MORE from my new friends in France.. If you are not reading, please go read now! UNBELIEVABLE!…..

With a regular income now under our belts, and our son was still managing to find a little low paid work for a few days each month, as a registered self-employed labourer in the Autoentrepreneur (AE) system, and despite the bite of the recession, we really believed our luck was turning. How foolish of us!We received mail forwarded from Champagnac by Madame ZC, and we felt like burning the lot, as usual! The resident locataire, Monsieur C, had suffered a burst water-pipe…….

via Water, Water, Everywhere!.

The Start To An Annus Horribilis

Everyone should start following this blog. It is real and really happening to these folks. You know the horrific cold front in France this last week? The poor man has had toes amputated and is still dealing with infection. This is all because of the damn laws in place. They own a house but cannot live there due to these laws and are forced to live in a tent, which they have to claim as a home/dwelling.. oh what a mess!

The Start To An Annus Horribilis.