Sonnet Fun – More Confessions of a Cover Whore


From ‘More confessions of a Cover Whore’

A Sonnet to my Beach Soiree date, Luke from “Dark Isle” by Shannon Mayer

Luke, is one of the Tuatha de Daanan. You know, Fae. Which means not only does he have the looks of a demi-god, but he has the Charm to back it up.

Shall I seek thee heat of a wicked dance?
While the song of fire crackles at thine back?
These winds make haste the wildness of my heart
Magic wraps in close as we reach the beach

Your hand seeks mine grasps its possession strong
Smoke and Flame release our space giving way
Mine sweet love embrace thee smoldering heat
Sweat glistens Smile bright golden chest with might

But alas your heart is not yours to give
Ancient prophets, ancient race, your soul to live
Be mine tonight tomorrow hers sweet Luke
Embrace mine gift, for this dance will be thine

The sun in hiding; the wildfire at bay
The heat of hearts for just one day of mine.

Alaskan Dreams of Gold

Gold Memories

Beer Bottles

Painted Deconstruction

Urban Suburban Disturbing

Ground Hopes

Muddied Dreams

Red Light Passages

of Time

photo credit - Kriss Morton-Weekley - a study in urban decay of Alaskan Gold Dredges

Poetry is eternal graffiti written in the heart of everyone.

– Lawrence Ferlinghetti

In honor of World Poetry Day.

Author Quote Inspires Monday’s Poem

tripping through a grey field of grass

drops of blood sprinkle down from the war raging above my head

a large cat smirks at me as his buddy the caterpillar offers me a splif

i reach the node, link up and dive in reaching out to her almost smelling last nights drinks

where are my cards, the deck is missing, i need to call my sister

i must not put it on, i must destroy it, i am so tired i must go to sleep

where are my pretty shoes, aunt em? where did you put them?

i slowly withdraw inside the door, closing it tight

putting it back on the shelf

Everybody else is working to change, persuade, tempt and control them. The best readers come to fiction to be free of all that noise.

– Philip Roth

Another author quote inspiration five minute fiction, what can you do with this quote? What worlds does a good book take you to?

His Kiss






painting my soul

with his kiss

A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear. Edmond Rostand

(five minute fiction inspired by my  favorite qoutes

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Alaskan Paradise


The cold that I am feeling
Is evermore revealing
That my life
In this Icy expanse of land
Needs to teach the meaning

I am feeling in my bones
I am feeling oh so deep
I am feeling a burning
To be who I am

The surprise I now acquire
No more do I conspire
I have found a home
Here under a blue expanse
Not in a blackened mire
Across the sweep of snow

I am feeling in my heart
I am feeling I can reach
I am feeling I have learned
To be who I am

Late Summer Harvest


Exercises in writing – a response to Gathering of Leaves by Robert Frost

Late Summer Harvest
Knifes cut up my harvest
So much to be done
Slicing and freezing
But charged full of sun.

I clean; cut and juice
Making a mess of the table
Mountains of food
To last our winter’s fable.

But the bags that I fill
And place into the freezer
Are as fresh as can be
And ready for Easter.

I load and I stuff
Again and again
Till my harvest is done
And what I have then?

Fair for each meal, special or not
Glorious bags filled to the top
And placed into the freezer
Making our cold season just that much easier

His shed is filled with his labor
All the way to the top
And he says his crop is truly a crop
But when he comes in and eats his fresh bowl of peas
He will realize that shed is just full of leaves

Exercises in writing – a response to Gathering of Leaves by Robert Frost

Alaskan Woman


Alaskan Woman
air cold and sky blue
rises fast to meet
the fluttering flight
of the late sparrow

tufts of down
so soft and white
gracing her neck
like a sacred necklace

her eyes glittered
in the lamplight
as the darkness begins its
slow trek of night

dawn will come
she must find a place
safe against predators

someone comes
innocence escapes as
fingers entwine her neck
only night witnesses
her final flight