I love in my Boys in Brown (true story involving UPS)

Apparently Alaskan Dreams is living up to it’s name and becoming a dream journal or at least ideas and thoughts.. conversations with Brian etc because I believe the following is top notch.


I am a huge zombie fan, I love it all, enjoy the stories, the cultish behavior, the pop-culture herding of people, not just hungry zombies. I love it all, it has become more than just a pop-culture but a marketing scheme for many companies of non-zombie connections. Perhaps some other companies should re-think and take advantage of this especially during the up and coming Christmas season. One of which should be the United Parcel Service (UPS). Below is a snippet I posted on UPS’s page on Facebook, Twitter & Twitlonger and I also took the time to post a short version before I fully woke up on my Facebook timeline.


From #AK@TheUPSStore#UPS GO BROWN -TRUE STORY-6 AM from the end of a #zombie dream in#Alaska(maybe because you guys are a lifeline for me here in the Interior of Alaska)- “I’m not fully awake yet but had a weird ass dream about living in large compound during the zombie apocalypse, We had just taken care of a small herd and were cleaning up outside (washing my hair of zombie bits) I looked up and right outside the main wall I saw a UPS truck out for delivery.. I looked at my friend in dream and said “wow, they are delivering does this mean it is finally done?” the other guy in my dream says “Not when we still have the small bands and herds. I think that is one dedicated driver!”..

Apparently I really believe deep in my psyche how awesome UPS is!! — go brown!!

I do know that zombies could not  maneuver between the roadblocks our compound members had set up let alone drive a delivery truck through them. I do know soap was running into my eyesr as dumbly staring at the truck just drive casually past us and the pile of finally dead bodies… slowly… not speeding… driving cautiously… If there had been a 800 number I could have called well… could still be working I bet my dream persona (who had perfect long red hair with the perfect curl) would be picking up a phone to tell them  (yet again) how awesome I think UPS and their delivery guys are! (Oh and when I am awake, my guy shows up in shorts even in the middle of winter – they rock!)


((photos found at Pixilid.com 2008))

Crazy Lady: “Hey Brian!” Brian: “How’s NaNoWhineMo going?”…

So my Brian woke me up as he slipped into the body of my partner who had yet again fallen asleep in his chair while mining for gold, killing dragons or sucking the souls out of bandits around .. you guessed it, 8:37 am. OK I can understand when my own Brian does it, but when the brian who is not my brian does it, or when someone’s foot does it? Did I hear it at precisely at 37 after? Or did my Brian actually wait till that time just to fuck with me more? Something to ponder after the percolator creates for me my current life line to reality and sanity, coffee with a few cinnamon sticks in the grounds with my own anise sugar.

I have taken note of this, and know that I have not been taking care of myself. I have been letting the problems of others rule my world. The line between being a selfish “C U Next Tuesday” and being a laptop ready to lick the shit off your shoe is a narrow tight-wire to maintain a balance on. The problem still is Brian is an asshole. He is still standing behind the bar, polishing that same glass and whispering a list of awesome ideas to write and ponder on which I have tried desperately to get down before he catches on that the real Kriss is here and her BRAIN is actually functioning at the level that he can go back to his now dingy corner bar with the nightmares represented by regulars while I go and find a smoothie bar at a gym. (Or at least my BRAIN does)

This is my Brain on Brian

This is my Brain on Brian — Everyone meet Brian

crazed lady at the piano– “So what the fuck, going to take my freaking laptop out to get me to write? Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it asshole!'”

Brian–“Hey, not my fault his ass constantly passes out playing whatever mind numbing virtual drug he needs to calm down and relax. He really should try pot it would work better and be less damaging to his Brian”

crazy lady sipping coffee over by the silk plant–“Hey fuck off, he is a clean machine… ok well unless you count AMP which really is his problem, his body runs on that shit and any day he goes without is a day he spends slipping in and out of consciousness  Plus he has to work with women all day long, he has estrogen poisoning… and come home to me, a person who talks to imaginary  people in her head, deals with crazy artists all day on top of her own apparent psychosis.'”

Brian--“True, very true..” pausing he gestures with his towel and pours out a shot of Bushells and sips “So, what are you going to do then?”

crazy lady over by the Trash-80 typing–“Since I not only wake up at 37 minutes after the hour I am now waking up with that fucking brilliant song of Russian Unicorn in my head, like as in it won’t stop and has not stopped in the last 10 days whenever my BRAIN starts to hand the reins off to you, I am going to see if I can fit it into Gargoyle Hungers, if not I am going to write a fucking short story about hunting Russian Unicorns, what do you think about that, fucker?”

Brian–“OK go for it, but I am betting you will look up as you are sipping that defiled coffee and see a number on your FB tab you convieniantly left peeking and merrily take a break to check on it and get ohhh 294 words in today, assmunch!”

Take a Cup of Cute and shove up your ass BRIAN!

Apparently the shot of Bushells, his brilliant and successful orchestration of attempted computercide has given Brian a set of balls. I am screwed. 11 days to go and 39K to write. Will I make it? I have not thrown the proverbial town in yet, I still know where it is and will continue to let Brian have his way with me as he continues to polish that same glass

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjaZNYSt7o0]

So a really cool thing though, before I forget,  The Book of Paul author, Richard Long?  He has a special going on for all his newsletter subscribers in honor of Thanksgiving (seas0n of thanks and all) a Sneak Peak at “The Dream Palace”

“The Dream Palace” is Richard’s much talked about and long awaited by many young adult fantasy novel. As a way to thank during this week of Thanksgiving to his fans and supporters — all subscribers to the newsletter will be getting a sneak peak and also teases through out the week till then from the book and about the book.  So if you have not subscribed yet, I would go subscribe now. I love Richard and his dark transgressive smart read for adults is one of the biggest treasures I have found this year. His young adult book proves to also be a beauty of a read. Go subscribe now

  • Have I managed to finish a cup of coffee yet? NO
  • Have you accomplished anything? Well other than the above, yes I have mapped out a chapter and written a dream scene.
  • Do you have a clear plan of the day? Wait it is Monday and it is my Sunday officially, I am showering, shopping and getting mail if I can get the asshole out of bed and talked into this.
  • Think I can take a break and actually read today since I have a few books to finish? Yes, so get a move on with HUNTRESS so you can move onto BLUFF, RIFT and VOLCANOES. *Brian nudgest me*– “oh and then there is going pee, don’t forget to do that today, oh and eat.. remember to eat, I did asshole, toast and bacon already, just no coffee yet it is brewing as I write this and take time to make something, not just throw it between bread and call it creative” Geoff is home, no worries on that, I plan on eating out while on errands.
    crazed woman sucking down cold coffee– “WAIT DID you not notice my incredible make ahead I discovered I still had 24 of? Dim Sum asshole!

Until then, that is 1104 words for what is now my official NaNoWhineMo! I am thinking of just starting fresh, I can do 50K in 11 days right? This is SO it is counting for The Indie Exchanges NaNoTIEMo.

Visiting Fairbanks, AK? BLUE LOON SCHEDULE this Summer

Loon Update 7/17/12

Week at a Glance

new movie: Men in Black 3, starts Tues at 5:30pm

Hunger Games at 8pm

Fri: Karoke with Fo Luv after movies at 10pm

Sat: Drag Show: Rumble in the Jungle
DJ 50/50 afterwards

any thoughts on the band Sevendust for an outdoor August show?


5:30pm Tues-Fri, no show on Sat
Men in Black 3

view trailer

Agent J travels in time to MIB’s early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien
from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history.

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin

8:00pm (Tues-Fri ), no showing on Sat
Hunger Games
view trailer 

Fri July 20th 2 10pm: Karoke with Fo Luv in the front room

Sat July 21st: Drag Show

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival is in town and many shows are at the Blue Loon

Monday 7/23: Cabaret 8pm
Tuesday 7/24: Jazz 8pm
Friday 7/27: Cabaret 5:30pm

Fri/Sat July 27 and 28 @ 9pm: Burlesque Show

Outdoor Show Fri Aug 3rd
Jerry Garcia Pig Roast
15th annual
(maybe we skipped a few years, can’t remember)
( and yes we will have a roast pig)
Leftover Salmon

check ‘em out on Youtube
a great jam band that’s been to the Loon a couple times years ago and is now back.
they combine, bluegrass, rock, jazz, cajun, blues all into a
polyethnic cajun slamgrass ! or at least that’s what they call it.
a fun-time jam band, kinda like “the dead”.

pig roast

and Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown Band
a great reggae band that’s been at the Loon a few times, great roots reggae.
this is the “Marley type” reggae, real good groove, roots style, feel good and all that.
this is a truly great reggae band

watch him on youtube playing chatty chatty mouth 

pig roast 2

two great bands, one great show

Special Youth Pricing
under 10: free
under 21: $15
over 21: $25

Tickets avail now online for Leftover SalmonClinton Fearon Concert
on Fri Aug 3rd. online now, paper tix on sale now.

other shows:

Tim Easton: Thursday Aug 16th

Sweating Honey: Fri Sept 7th, last show !! (this time for real)

Dar Williams: Fri Sept 28th tix online now

Martin Sexton: Fri Oct 5th

all these shows will be on sale online by next week.

Also, we will have a certain “celtic rock” band in late Sept, but I can’t make
the official announcement just yet.

any thoughts on the band Sevendust for an outdoor August show?



It’s 3 AM in Alaska, do you know where YOUR sun is?

You know it is getting to be that time of year in the Interior when… it is 3 AM and you can see a little light fog and hear the birds chirping…

When there are no shadows being cast by the dark woods behind your house …

When that blue sky? Really screws you up and all you want to do? well….

Is make a grilled cheese, bacon and onion sandwich! I really hate this time of year… I am all FUBAR and have already hung my black curtains upstairs

Alaskan Dreams of Gold

Gold Memories

Beer Bottles

Painted Deconstruction

Urban Suburban Disturbing

Ground Hopes

Muddied Dreams

Red Light Passages

of Time

photo credit - Kriss Morton-Weekley - a study in urban decay of Alaskan Gold Dredges

Poetry is eternal graffiti written in the heart of everyone.

– Lawrence Ferlinghetti

In honor of World Poetry Day.

“Spirit Bear” – Coastal British Columbia, Canada – Iain Williams – Featured Photographer


“Spirit Bear” – Coastal British Columbia, Canada – Iain Williams – Featured Photographer.

“Spirit Bear” – Coastal British Columbia, Canada – Iain Williams


Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Poker Flat sends up rocket into northern lights for GPS research


A photographer catches the trail of a rocket from Poker Flat as it blasts into the aurora borealis northeast of Fairbanks. Photo courtesy Casey Thompson

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Poker Flat sends up rocket into northern lights for GPS research.

by The Associated Press
Feb 20, 2012

ITHACA, N.Y. – The rocket arcing up into the northern lights above Alaska was on its way to measure the effects of the celestial phenomenon’s effects on global positioning systems.

It was a mission launched Saturday by a NASA funded group of 60 researchers studying electrical activity in the aurora borealis and the likelihood it’s interfering with GPS and other signals.

Cornell University says the 46-foot rocket lifted off from the University of Alaska’s Poker Flat Research Range near Fairbanks and sent back data as it flew through the aurora at an altitude of 217 miles.

Cornell is leading the research. In addition to Cornell and Alaska, the other institutions involved are Dartmouth College, the University of New Hampshire, the Southwest Research Institute in Texas, and Oslo University.

Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Poker Flat sends up rocket into northern lights for GPS research