Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl in the Gilded Age [Graphic Novel Trailer] Kristin Alexandre


Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl in the Gilded AgeĀ [Hardcover]

Kristin Alexandre

A love struck Gypsy princess on a journey to heal a broken heart and a famous publisher and leader find themselves facing death, war and a new America as The Lusitania is mysteriously sunk in The Irish Sea.

Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl in the Gilded Age is the first in a series of three graphic novels narrated by the African Grey Parrot Nuncio.This is the story of Neci, the beautiful gypsy princess who is infatuated with the brilliant composer/pilot Ezra. Neci lives at the turn of the century in Dayton, Ohio, where inventors and engineers have turned the city into the Silicon Valley of the day.

Like everyone in America at this time, Neci and Ezra want to improve themselves and their lot. While Ezra is besotted with the gypsy girl, his head is turned when the well-connected Edith offers her love and her connections to Ezra.

The two women confront each other during the rescue efforts for survivors of The Dayton Flood. Edith recognizes that she is faced with a significant rival for Ezra s affections. She sets about to abolish he enemy.

As the story unfolds, Edith discovers inside information that the Lusitania faces a real threat of German destruction when it makes its crossing to England. Edith decides to keep this information to herself. She imperils the lives of Neci and the Hubbards.

Neci and Ezra s benefactors and friends, The Hubbards, choose to make the crossing. When Ezra takes Neci to the send-off for the Atlantic crossing, his emotions overwhelm. He is seen making his way on board.

After a friendly breakfast The Hubbards and Neci find themselves on deck as the ship is struck by a torpedo. The Hubbards choose death and Neci frees our narrator Nuncio and jumps into the Irish Sea. We must wait for the next book to uncover her fate and the fate of the man she loves.

Y’Know, for Squids….*

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Oh how I wish this was around when my wee ones were growing up! SO must get this!

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