His Kiss






painting my soul

with his kiss

A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear. - Edmond Rostand

(five minute fiction inspired by my  favorite qoutes

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When he’s gone


Her lipstick leaves perfect imprints
On his mug as she finishes his coffee
The cup wonderful like him
Even with the chips

The red envelope
ripped open
the card
filled with his
professed love
In her hands.

The box of chocolates
wrapped in a red ribbon
the color of the lipstick
staining the chipped edges
of his cup, now empty

Smiling softly
she slowly opens the card
reaching for a chocolate
the ribbon falling

She reads his words again
her heart beats faster
her smile grows wider
a bit of chocolate
now stains her lower lip

The clock strikes midnight
the box of chocolates
is empty
like the house

But his chipped mug
now full of her tea
lipstick still staining
reading the dogeared card
shes full again