OMG… That Dumb Worker nominated me! He says I am VERSATILE!..

 OMG Versatile.. yep.. I can bend all sorts of wonky ways I have double jointed hips.. oh wait… thats flexible OK .. versatile, I can .. oh nevermind *giggling while sipping an afternoon coffee*

OK I was nominated or tagged or SOMETHING by the Dumb Worker over at Sleeping Insomniac oh wait.. ok John the Aussie and I promised I would do this and I was doing this over at Cabin Goddess but I lost it and frankly I should have done this almost two months ago and he can just give me a hard time later… so I will do my best now, because I was nominated for another award today so I better do this one first.. apparently it is a TAG award so you maybe getting snagged to do this one… ya you know who I mean (well you will when I am done with you *waggling eyebrows*)

This rules for accepting this award are as follows:

1. Thank the award-givers and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this award along 15 or 20. ( THIS is the Kriss 3.2 version, as in I do not have time to do 15 and I want to be able to share it with SPECIAL PEOPLE so… oh and plus I have to do this twice this week so I am doing 5.. DEAL and consider those REALLY special and versatile!

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

  1. What was your favorite food when you were a child?
    My Mom’s Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Jello (from the packet, ate in the closet with a wet finger.. ya I went there)
  2. What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
    I play Sublime, constantly… no specific song, the WHOLE DAMN COLLECTION
  3. What is one of your favorite quotes?
    “Though art to me a delicious torment” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  4. If you knew the world was ending in 2012, what would you do differently?
    Shave my legs! They do not call me the Tundra Wookie for nothing … OK seriously I already live life each day as if it is my last! TO the FULLEST! So I guess I would do it twice as hard and fast? 
  5. If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?
    Amanda Fucking Palmer
  6. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
    Man that would mean putting a bra on, pass.. seriously I have lead a REALLY full life. But since I saw the wall before it came down, I think I would like to see it come down and be part of that energy to feel what it means to not be divided anymore.
  7. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
    Knit and write KICK ass code in my sleep (or at least when I was awake)
  8. If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be?
    My photography, my cookbook, my novel..  my eyebrows (the perfect shape through threading) oh wait ONE? Hey I am versatile I could do THREE!
  9. If you were immortal for a day, what would you do?
    What kind of question is that? I already am! Ummmm I would climb Denali
  10. When was the last time you had an amazing meal?
    At 3 AM this morning with my Grilled cheese with bacon and onions on my homemade bread!! I cook amazing EVERY NIGHT! I am the Cabin Goddess!! SERIOUSLY I do not LIE! Ask the ManBeast he will tell you, want his phone number? 
  11. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
    I have met him, so it would be more “If I could be friends with anyone, living or dead, as in busom buddies, texting back and forth, hanging out with the fams… it would be Neil Gaiman and Amanda F. Palmer

OK wait… I went overboard, but I was not sure what I was suppose to do apparently and I have no clue where I got this list of questions from, but it makes sense, they are some things about me so I answered them.. enjoy… and I NOMINATE… *drum roll please ManBeast…*


For she is FUNNY and wonderful and FANTASTIC.. and FESTIVE and has a Barbarian, Khan so I approve.. ManBeast owners UNITE!

Jessica Lay

Jessica is my constant companion online at night. She is an incredibly funny person rich in sarcasm and will tell you where to stick it if it needs sticking. Though I have had her kidnapped by Evil Bunneh’s I do love her so! She really is one of my BFF’s so don’t mess with Miss Texas! OH and she writes KICK ass book reviews too!

Suzie Welker

Because she is ALWAYS there for anyone who needs it, she has a strong wonderful book blog, and she likes BUNNEHS!


He makes me giggle. Now if he ACTUALLY answers the calling … We will see, frankly I double dog dare him! Come on, you can be snarky if’n you wanna.. wait you already are!

Oregon Mike

He is one of my new favorite people! He has a book out, he lives in Oregon (one of the top five states I love in the US) He is kind and always has a nice thing to say. Even though he sees how crazed I am he always checks in on me. This guy rocks and I love his blog!